How do I book Surgery?

Just email us and let us know you are interested. Our email address is:

Canadian patients have their surgery at the UBC Hospital in Vancouver. The operation is typically 3 hours long and patients go home the next day.

International patients have their surgery at our World Class Surgical Facilities at the Hospitales Angeles Pedregal in Mexico City. The Hospital is recognized as the best neurosurgery hospital in Mexico and treats international patients from all around the world. The operation is typically 3 hours long and patients are discharged the following day. We do not want patients flying home for one week and therefore have arranged accommodations at the Hospital Hotel. This five-star hotel is located inside the Hospital complex and was built for international patients. During that stay, patients will have their DBS adjusted by our team to maximally improve their voice and will receive instructions on post-operative care. A detailed description of the cost for this surgery can be provided upon request.

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Please contact our research nurse by email.
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